Interview with…. Dan & Travis from Atreyu (+ Wembley Gallery)

Atreyu have never failed us live either side of the Atlantic. December was the 6th time we’ve had the pleasure (Cheryl second time shooting them in the photo pit). We’re suckers for bands with 2 guitarists and a bouncy front man.    Check out what happened when we sad down backstage before the show with the bands guitarists…

Earlier in the day we interviewed the mischievous duo of guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel which ended up in a chat about Travis’ cat. We should have seen the signs it would be a little bit different when as we sat down and set up things turned from silly to ridiculous… never a dull moment with those boys….

In part 1 Dan & Travis tell us about the real reason they learnt to play guitar, who their guitar idols are, their writing styles, their upcoming new ESP Signature Model guitars, their favourite tracks to play live and their bad habits….

Part 2 – Dream line ups, Festivals and The Good & the Bad bits of Touring throughout 2010.

In Part 2 Dan & Travis talk us through their favourite and worst parts of touring the world, reminisce about getting robbed and into fights over car parking spaces at the former London Astoria venue plus a drum solo from Brandon in the background….

In the 3rd and final part of our interview the boys talk about YOU their fans, their most memorable experiences and some insane randomness we slipped in just for fun….

A special thanks goes out to Atreyu and their road crew plus the super cool folk at Roadrunner Records for sorting out a great day for us.

Don’t forget to show us some love, give us your feedback, or just say hi in our comments box and if you liked the interview on YouTube click the Like button!!!

Check out also these live videos of Atreyu’s Wembley Arena Performance… click here>>

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  19. Just another sad example of how NZers simply don't know where money comes from. It's the Govt right? Don't they make everything happen? I think I'll sit back and be taken care of. An earthquake should shake everyone into the reality of the food chain. Everyone, evidently, except NZers. Food chain means business – not government. Keep sucking that teat babies. KSKiwi.

    Buying a new or used automobile could be a challenging method unless you know what you are actually carrying out. By educating yourself about vehicle purchasing before you decide to head to the car dealership, you possibly can make points much easier on your own. The following advice will help the next buying vacation be a little more pleasant.

    Generally deliver a mechanic alongside when buying a fresh motor vehicle. Auto merchants are well known for selling lemons and you do not wish to be their after that target. When you can not have a auto technician to consider autos together with you, no less than make sure that you have him take a look at final decision before you buy it.

    Know your boundaries. Before starting shopping for your upcoming vehicle or vehicle, choose what you can afford to pay out, and stay with it. Don’t neglect to include fascination with your calculations. You are likely to shell out about 20 % as a payment in advance too, so be prepared.

    Before attending a dealer, know what sort of car you would like. Research all of you alternatives prior to shopping so you can figure out what works for your finances and family demands. Do your research to learn simply how much you must pay to get a potential vehicle.

    Prior to signing any deal take the time to go through each and every range, including the small print. If you have nearly anything outlined you do not comprehend, tend not to sign until you receive an answer that you just comprehend. Unsavory salesmen are able to use a contract to insert numerous service fees that have been not reviewed.

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