Sonisphere 2010 Gallery update: Good Charlotte

August 12, 2010

We promised a gallery update and here it is, the Good Charlotte collection from Sonisphere Festival earlier this month! We’ve possibly got some footage still to come and a few bits here and there but check out the Sonisphere Gallery.

What can we say about Good Charlotte’s performance at Sonisphere?  They definitely brought in a crowd, there was a variety of people watching, singing along, and everyone there knew at least 1 of the songs well enough to sing along to.  They put on a great show and had the festival goers at the Apollo stage on the sunny Saturday afternoon pumped up throughout the set.

During the set the band paid tribute to Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and had the crowd cheering and chanting with them as they sang The River (a song Good Charlotte released featuring A7X’s M Shadows and Synyster Gates), you can check out more info and the video in this post here. Thanks to DeathBatNews and DCMA Collective for helping us share that video with the fans and posting it on their websites.

Click the images below to go to the Gallery!

Good Charlotte are currently getting ready to release their new album, Cardiology (Out this November).

Check out the first single ‘Like It’s Her Birthday’ released later this month, below or  check out for more details.

We’ve still got some more Sonisphere photos and videos to come – but life just keeps getting in the way.

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