Sonisphere 2010 Gallery Update: Corey Taylor

August 15, 2010

Corey Taylor at Sonisphere… what can we say?
I don’t think anyone needs to be told that Corey Taylor’s performance on the Bohemia Stage at Sonisphere was anything short of amazing.

Never before have I seen so many people squash into a tent, an open air tent that soon turned into a sauna of people chanting “Corey! Corey! Corey!” only to be answered with “Sucks! Sucks! Sucks!” from the man himself.

We apologise for the quality of the photographs, it’s not just the vast number of people all needing to see the magnificent Corey Taylor, but the gallons of evaporating sweat raising up above the crowd – yes we all dropped a dress size in there.  But we think there’s a couple of keepers!

Was it worth it? Hell yes!
Corey Taylor is one hell of a performer, whether he is tearing up the stage in a mask or doing Johnny Cash covers with an acoustic guitar as he was that day it’s always a fun and emotional show.

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We can’t wait to see Corey live this coming October/November when Stone Sour hit the UK with Avenged Sevenfold, that is a match made in heaven for us.  We’re looking forward to HOPEFULLY covering the majority of tour,  so stay tuned for our memories, interviews, and maybe even you guys the fans!

Make sure you check out the new Stone Sour single ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’ and the new Music video here on the official Stone Sour YouTube channel taken from the album ‘Audio Secrecy’ out September 6th(UK) & 7th(US).  Visit for more info!

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