Disturbed – Asylum – Out now plus exclusive band Webcast !

August 31, 2010

After attempting to buy the new CD/DVD set yesterday at our local record store (HMV) and finding we couldn’t (grrr) we’ve now ordered the CD from Amazon (where its cheaper – woo!). Thankfully the impatient princesses within forced us to download the iTunes version this morning, which really helped the long train journey to work (don’t you just hate the day after a bank holiday weekend).

The Deluxe Edition contains live versions of Down With The Sickness & Stricken – tracks that will never get old.  The one track I can’t bring myself to listen to or get my head around is the U2 cover – why why why??? – to say we’re not fans is an understatement.

Anyway back to Asylum,  there’s a few tracks that stand out after the first listen as definite keepers! ‘The Animal’, ‘Asylum’, ‘Warrior’ and of course the first single ‘Another Way To Die’ all have that ‘growl’ factor that we’ve come to love of Disturbed – both musically and vocally.  Its an album you need to hear yourself, so get grab a copy blast it loud and enjoy!

Don’t miss the live band Webcast tonight (5.30pm, US-EST which is UK-10.30pm) If you missed the live show watch it now below!

Find out more about Disturbed’s Asylum here

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