Friends of The DevilBear: Rockstar Uproar, Tampa, Florida – Sept 2010

October 16, 2010

Our good friend’s Sahsha and Cassie of BBNH went to Rockstar Uproar on Tampa Florida in September, here’s their day….

by Sahsha Coleman

All The best and most frustrating part of a show can be the wait in line, but if you know how to pass the time, then you’re golden!  The best way to pass the time is to make friends around you with fans that share the same interest. Spend some time learning a bit about each other, then play some fun line games, like the story game. In this game, every participant says 1 word to form a sentence, making the subject of that sentence the band ups the hilarity factor about 100 times. Another great game that I played in this line was a variation on I- Spy, where we spotted deathbat tattoos. I don’t want to reveal all my line games, but everyon

e has some of their own. Last but not least, network in line; if you find someone that you have a fun time with, get their info and keep in contact.

The best thing about being a fan of a band is that you’re not alone.

Some more good tips that I may not always adhere to for one reason or another are:

  • Wear ear plugs. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Say WHAT?!’ Well depending on the venue you’re at, how close to the speakers you are, and how loud your band is, ear plugs can actually filter out unwanted extra noise coming from the amps and make the music sound clearer.
  • In almost all situations are to stay hydrated, be that getting socially lubed up with a few drinks or buying a $3 bottle of water, Nike said it best, ‘Just do it.’ Hydration is great for your body overall and keeps your vocal folds moistened for a humid environment which is best for singing. Also jumping and moshing are making you sweat and lose water, so it’s really important that you replace that, because if you pass out you won’t be making it through the show to see the band you came for.
  • My next tip is to eat something before the show to give you energy, nothing heavy, just in case you do get ill. Food is energy for your body and if you have no fuel, you can’t run.
  • Last tip is to always be prepared and the best way to do that is to double check everything the night before. I’ve been going to shows for 5 years and never once has a show or the day of the show gone quite as smoothly as planned. They best way to counter all obstacles that arise? Be prepared enough that you’re relaxed and can take it in stride.

All of these are pretty much gimmes and you may feel insulted that I mentioned them, but in the excitement of seeing your favorite bands, you forget all kinds of things, not just the extra batteries before your camera.

I don’t know about other fans, but for C and I, going to a show is a truly religious experience for us. We are firm believers in the Church of Rock N Roll and its healing powers. We are proud members of several denominations including both the Church of Sevenfold and The Church of The Disturbed Ones, so this show was epic with a capital E on so many levels! It was great to see Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold touring together again, but I was also taken slightly by surprise with how great the two openers on the main stage were.

Halestorm came out and Lzzy left us enraptured with the sheer power of her voice in such an awesome package; she has both the talent and on- stage charm to go down as one of the greatest female vocalist in rock. Arejay has the eccentricity of some of the best drummers and the talent to go with it. And the rest of the band fits right in with the two siblings; just as much talent and just as much distinctive style to make them memorable. It was extremely kind of them to pay tribute to all of the musicians that had come and gone before them by making a song in their set into a tribute song for them, especially with so many members of the tour having lost people close to them of this last year, over the last the last 5 years. I know that this year, my December will be even colder than it had been. I would see this band anytime anywhere, I seriously doubt that they will ever disappoint.

Stone Sour:
Stone Sour gave it all they had for the crowd and the energy exchange followed all the songs in their set. We worshipped and moved to Say You’ll Haunt Me, Thrashed as Corey Taylor belted out 30-30/150, and swayed to the melodies of Through Glass. The band acted like a band should act on stage; they acted like they were having a great time with their friends. It’s good to know that while your band is about the music and the fans, you’re also about each other; I think that some of the much older bands can forget that. Corey displayed his superb acting skills and played zombie for us all, before he attempted to knock his guitarist out with whatever odors may or may not have been coming from him by wafting himself at James. This band is going places, right now I’m hearing it’s Europe, but later maybe a number 1 spot on the Billboard charts?

Avenged Sevenfold:
Avenged Sevenfold was THE band I came to see; more than any other band that night, I was there for THEM. I was there to tell them I loved them and supported them after Jimmy passed away. Scared out of my mind, waiting for their set I couldn’t breathe most of the time. There was this foreboding sense of dread that had kept creeping up into me ever since I’d first heard about them deciding to tour back in the spring. That 20 or 30 minute period stretched into an eternity for me, worry settling in; I couldn’t say exactly what I was worried about or for, but I was worried somehow. The lights went out and a rush of excitement chased away my anxiety momentarily, but then the body dropped and the smoke continued to poor but they hadn’t appeared, I became even more Frantic. Somehow I couldn’t shake the feeling of something bad and my heart was almost in my mouth it so far up my throat! Just as it threatened to break past my uvula, all 4 members of A7X and Mike Portnoy appeared on stage. I was now to happy for words. I got so excited that I screamed as loud as I could and almost made myself lose what little I had in my stomach. They were there, right there in front of me! They were okay and it was going to be awesome!

They took the stage and it was almost like old times, we screamed every lyric and thrashed against each other as Johnny’s bass vibrated through all our bodies making the entire crowd pulse. Things were almost the same because there was a shadow behind everyone’s face, even though they tried to hide it from the fans, any veteran could see that they were still hurting. Just the same as I was smiling and having a great time through my dread and sorrow, so were they, but it all came to head when they played Buried Alive, So Far Away, and Afterlife. I was in tears through all 3 songs, but only the tears through Buried Alive were truly tears of sorrow. Those tears washed away that awful dread and I think that every fan in the crowd that loves Jimmy had their own catharsis where their grief was deeply relieved, not completely, but very much so. They lyrics that we “shared a common discomfort now,” couldn’t have ever been truer. The crowd was truly one, truly family. By the time A7X left the stage, my heart was light and I absolutely KNEW that Jimmy was smiling down on A7X and all their fans. I was unbelievably happy, but so exhausted; so tired after all the emotion and energy both mental and physical, that I wasn’t sure that I could make it through Disturbed’s set at all. However it had been 5 ad a half years since I’d last seen Disturbed live, so I toughed it out.

Disturbed took the stage and didn’t give you a chance to be tired, they simply went on non stop with song after awesome song. They’re set up was highly technical with a different light and video show for every song they played and they moved through the mix effortlessly. Every member of Disturbed, except Mike, the stationary drummer, walked every inch of that stage at least 20 times to make sure that they got to see and sing and play to every single fan in that arena. When it comes to crowd pleasing, they’re pros. Dan Donegan’s blistering guitar solos played live will leave blisters on your poor ears they’re so hot! And according to C, Dave Draiman’s voice passed through an amplifier has the power to shake her insides to the point of her becoming ill… I think his voice through an amplifier has the power to impregnate anyone! So be very careful guys and girls! 😉 I don’t think that a single person was left not cheering.

I never wanted that night to end, I think that happens at every show I go to. The nigh is simply so epic so involved, you feel a part of something so major with everyone there, that normal life just won’t do anymore. And how can it compete? That is what make this religion of sorts so addicting! You’re encouraged to attend all denominations and you do because you want to maintain that post concert high.

Maybe music isn’t my religion; maybe it’s my drug, our drug, a drug that is the most distributed one worldwide.

Sahsha and Cassie’s top concert/festival tips:

  • Pack some ear plugs
  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t forget to eat
  • And be prepared and check you have everything you need before you leave home!

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