DeathBatNews/DevilBearRock: Avenged Sevenfold Halloween Show in London

November 14, 2010

Since Halloween we’ve been busy as you can probably see, but this weekend we got another batch of Halloween Treats ready from the London show we shot exclusively for thanks to the lovely people at Warner Bros Records and Mercenary PR.

Check out for more info and other great A7X updates!

More shots available in our Gallery here

We’ve got alot more goodies for you coming up, so hopefully you’ve been enjoying what we and DeathBatNews have had for you so far!

If you’ve been to an A7X show recently get in touch and tell us your story!

Don’t forget to look through the DBN/DBR “Shot A Day” from throughout the tour!

Next upload will be…. Stone Sour, Halloween tomorrow – yes more Corey Taylor in a Tutu!

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