Interview with Jim Root – and more Stone Sour shots!

November 26, 2010

The first thing you notice about Jim Root is he’s a very tall man, standing at 6 foot 6 inches he definitely doesn’t blend into a crowd easily – but you wouldn’t want him too.  When he walks into the little room for the interview he (without being cheesy) lights it up.  Although we arrived at London’s Hammersmith Apollo to interview his band mate Josh Rand, we were more than excited to hear we would be interviewing Jim instead.

Why are we here? One of my ‘real’ jobs is as Social Media Manager and Press for The Guitar Community and Tuition Website and so when the opportunity came up to interview a member of Stone Sour (Thanks to the awesome people at Roadrunner), I jumped at the chance and I hired Bec as part of the team, as together we’re… er utter chaos! Was I nervous – Hell Yeah, but I’m getting better at this sort of thing so I bit the bullet!

After being greeted by Jim into huge bear hugs we finally got to introductions and the interview.  Earlier this year when we interviewed Ryan Shuck from Julien-K/Dead By Sunrise/Orgy at the HMV Forum we said he was one of the loveliest men we’d ever met…clearly we and yet met the man in front of us at that point.

Today I posted the interview on and was proud at the finished product, despite a few ‘technical hitches’ with the video, the response to the piece has been great (Thanks to Roadrunner Records and DeathBatNews’s reposts already – and now Blabbermouth – links are for my reference later 😉 ) and I thought I’d share it to our DevilBearRock extended family as it was us that did the interview of course!

Make sure you check out Jim’s creation of an entirely new musical genre name… and there’s something for you A7X fans in there where he talks about Synyster Gates and why he thinks he’s an amazing guitar player.

We’ve got a few other bits up our sleeves that didn’t make the LickLibrary cut, so stay tuned soon!

Check out the 2 part video interview below & head here for the full article.

A special thanks to Bec for her help and support on the day its why we make a fantabulous team!

(You might be able to spot her aswell during the interviews 😉 as the room was covered in mirrors)

And as a special Friday night treat here’s some more Stone Sour shots from the first Manchester and the Birmingham stop on the tour, we’ve got more tour goodies to come!

Click the images below to head to the Stone Sour Gallery.

Manchester Academy 27th October

Birmingham NIA 28th October

Complete Stone Sour Gallery Slideshow:

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