Gallery Update: Avenged Sevenfold at Birmingham NIA – 28th October

November 30, 2010

The show at Birmingham NIA was phenomenal, the large arena allowed for full A7X Pyro, we even spied most of Stone Sour watching Avenged Sevenfold’s firey set from the side, Corey Taylor getting totally into it and pumping his fist to ‘Nightmare’.

It was also the day that post show we accidentally bumped into the lovely Mr Mike Portnoy outside the venue (whilst we were on the way to the car from hunting for food) as he was hanging with some fans who’d been hanging around waiting to meet him, we even managed to get a couple of hugs in and a photo, which to our dismay is lost forever due to a faulty memory card…:(  Either way he was a true gent and we observed him signing autographs, chatting to the fans and taking photos along with Stone Sour’s Roy Mayorga at around midnight. Both lovely men (Oh and we gave MP lollypops too – its like our calling card).

But lets get to what you’ve been waiting for… Shots from the Birmingham NIA show – Avenged Sevenfold

(Due to lighting and positioning… most of the shots were of Synyster Gates…if you hadn’t noticed)

Click on the images above to go to the gallery for more!

(See Day 2 DeathBatNews/DevilBearRock “Shot A Day” Series here -it appeared to be quite a popular day including Mike Portnoy roasting a marshmallow (which he then gave to Roy Mayorga).

Were you at this show, what were your favourite moments, any fun stories, use the box below to tell us… 🙂

And this was too sweet not to include;

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