Rockstar Energy Taste Of Chaos – Wembley Arena – Halestorm/Buckcherry

December 19, 2010

Picture the scene, its a cold night in London  – no doubt there’s train delays across the London Transport network but that doesn’t stop the fans piling into Wembley Arena for the Rockstar Energy Taste Of Chaos.

When we heard Disturbed & Papa Roach were heading out on the Rockstar Energy Taste Of Chaos tour this year its safe to say we were excited, Papa Roach – never fail to disappoint and for some reason every time I tried to go see Disturbed something has come up or stopped me from going.  Then to hear the news that I’d been issued a photo pass for the event, tonight would be different, nothing would stop me….But first…

Kicking off the night in style were a band I’d heard great things of from their recent stint on the mainstage at the Rockstar Energy Uproar tour with Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold & Stone Sour across the US this past summer, they didn’t disappoint.  It’s always always great to see a female fronted band, especially one who can handle a guitar. Halestorm had a fun set and got a great response from the fans on the floor.

Halestorm are definitely a band who we see returning to the UK for the summer festival’s once again next year. They definitely know how to bring it.  Check out the band here.

As the audience still made their way in after the early start, Buckcherry took to the stage.  Tonight in my company I have a Buckcherry fan and a Papa Roach fan with me at the show, so as I ran back from shooting Buckcherry, Katie was bouncing around and enjoying the set.  I’ve seen Buckcherry now a number of times on our 2008 and 2009 trips for Atreyu & Avenged Sevenfold when they were opening for A7X and whilst the Buckcherry fans were enjoying the set, I was somewhat disappointed that from what I could tell it was the same set I’d seen 2 years before in Florida, and each time since then.  But despite this they put on a great performance and those who knew their hits such as ‘Crazy Bitch’ and ‘Lit Up’ sung them back to the band with gusto.

Check out Buckcherry here on their official website.

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