Rockstar Energy Taste Of Chaos – Wembley Arena – Papa Roach

December 19, 2010

So, it’s still a cold and wintery night outside of Wembley Arena, but its definitely getting hotter inside on this December night as the Rockstar Energy Taste of Chaos continues its defiant assault.

I dashed back down leaving a very excited Vanessa waiting patiently for Papa Roach to hit the stage. Once Halestorm & Buckcherry had gotten the crowd warmed up the place looked alot fuller by the time Papa Roach took to the stage.

When Papa Roach were announced to play Sonisphere Festival this past summer there appeared to be alot of ‘uhms and ahhs’ out there about their playing on the mainstage, but anyone that was there to witness their set on the sunny Saturday afternoon at Knebworth will know that they most definitely brought it, the mainstage area was packed with fans young and old to watch the band do their thing.

Tonight was no different, on my way back to the floor to get ready to shoot I bumped into 2 young girls in the bathroom who were seeing the band for the first time. They couldn’t have been older than 17, but they were clearly big fans and excited to see them live.  They got into the band when they released Metamorphosis, released in 2008, they then after discovering Papa Roach went back through their catalogue to their NuMetal roots that some of us who were their age in ‘back in the day’ first got into the band with, hits like ‘Last Resort’ that I defy anyone young or old not to have at least heard that song once.

As I left the girls I felt excited too, talking to fans who are totally buzzing about seeing their favourite bands always gives me a high. Hearing the different reasons as to why they are so passionate about the band, how they connect. Talking to those two young girls also proved the staying power and wide range they have.

Starting strong with ‘Kick In The Teeth’, Papa Roach came out energetic and as the fun band we all know and love.  Jacoby Shaddix is an amazing frontman, with everything from his vocals, his presence and occasionally his ‘crazy eyes’ that if you’re close enough to witness as he sings are enough to make you grin.  The fans in the front row were riled up, they were excited and were singing back every word to the four piece band from Vacaville, California. Lifeline and One Track Mind had just as energetic and firey reaction from the fans, especially as Jacoby jumped down to the barrier for the best part of the song.  (and given my history with Jacoby Shaddix + Barriers  = broken wrist a year ago I kept a safe distance). But watching the faces on the fans from where I was stood snapping away was definitely a highlight for me. Seeing the excitement of him singing with them, you could see it made their night.  Papa Roach are definitely a very fan focused band.

They continued their 45 minute set with the same enthusiasm they’d come out with, and although some people maybe disappointed they didn’t do enough of their earlier songs, and alot of their current release, ‘Time For Anhilation’, I think the balance was just right to keep them evolving as they continue to do so including one of my favourites Getting Away With Murder (from the 2004 album) and course ending on the hits that everyone knows from 2000’s ‘Infest’ album; ‘Between Angels & Insects’ ‘Last Resort’.  Vanessa was definitely happy as she says it was “super fantastically wonderfully amazingly fabulously awesome”. I think she liked it.
Make sure you stay up to date with Papa Roach here on their official website.

Check out the latest Music Video from Papa Roach for “Burn” – watch out for Jerry’s Guitar 😉

Papa Roach – Burn (Explicit Version)

Were you there? Or are you just a huge Papa Roach fan? Tell us about it….

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