Rockstar Energy Taste Of Chaos – Wembley Arena

December 19, 2010

The crowd at Wembley Arena are now safely cocooned inside from the cold and now looking at a large curtain covering the stage waiting for the headliner of the night, Disturbed.Disturbed are a band I’ve wanted to see live for so many years, always somehow missing out or being stopped to going as mentioned already so tonight as I stood infront of that huge curtain I will admit I was buzzing with anticipation.

Whenever I see a band I’ve liked for a while perform for the first time i get nervous they won’t live up to my hopes for them, but as the curtain fell and the band walked on playing the instrumental ‘Remnants’ before launching into ‘Asylum’ (taken from their summer 2010 album of the same name) with a full stage backdrop of video screens playing ‘Disturbing’ images of a metal asylum I was already convinced they were not going to let me down. Not tonight, not here.

David Draiman’s vocals never relent throughout the set, he’s one of those singers who have such a unique voice you’d know it anywhere. Combine his vocals and growl with the heartpounding riffs of guitarist Dan Donegan and it’s a winning combination. With so many songs to choose from and although I would have loved to see ‘The Night’ into the mix I think the setlist was well selected and executed.  It was clear to see who so many of the crowd had paid their well spent £30 to see, as the headliners went through their hits, I made a dash back to my seat making it back in less than 30 seconds from leaving the arena floor (i think that’s pretty impressive).

As I watched the remainder of the set I couldn’t help the energy that was surging through me as they continued their powerful performance including a song they’re  playing live for the first time on the Taste Of Chaos Tour, their latest single ‘The Animal’, gaining audience participation in ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ – there were few fists not in the air.  By the time the final song came around not one person around us was sitting, I don’t think anyone does not know the sound of David Draiman’s epic vocals in ‘Down With The Sickness’, the only thing that you can say about it is… ‘Oooh wahh ahh ahh ahh’ and everyone would nod, smile and agree.

When the frontman then announced, “As long as we have friends here we’ll continue to come back” he received a roar of approval from the crowd, who all hope we see them back in the UK on the summer festival circuit next year.

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