Gallery Update: Bullet For My Valentine at Wembley Arena

January 9, 2011

Last month we went to see Bullet For My Valentine’s firey explosive show at London’s Wembley Arena.

A large Union Jack curtain drapes the huge stage at Wembley Arena, fans are cheering and chanting.
I’m stood in the photopit, getting a brief warning about pryo as the curtain drops and the fans erupt, that warning… they were NOT kidding as I found around song 2.

Bullet For My Valentine have never been a band that either of us were huge fans of, but they do put on a great live show for their fans, huge screens with a variety of live video footage of the performance so those further back can see the onstage action, and some with various images and graphics to go with songs, during ‘Scream, Aim, Fire’ the words came up behind the band.

All in all though it was a great set, and the fans around us when I returned to where I’d left Bec and our new pal from seemed to be really into it.  It seemed like a great way to end their UK tour on a cold and wintery night in London, the fire certainly ‘warmed the cockles’ so to speak.

Check out shots from their set below, for more click the images to go to our Gallery (or the slideshow at the bottom of the page).

Were you at the show? Tell us about your experience below, we have more shots tell us if you want them!

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