Gallery Update: Atreyu at Wembley Arena

January 9, 2011

Last month Atreyu hit the road in the UK with Bullet For My Valentine…That day we had the opportunity to pop in for a chat with guitarists Dan & Travis, interview coming soon… but here’s a few shots from the set.

(Sorry for the quality, unfortunately there was a number of issues with the venue getting us in there late, lighting, and a few camera technical issues but here’s a few shots you guys may like).

But either way the Atreyu lads never fail to deliver for us, cheeky, jumpy and absolute fun to watch.

Stay tuned for our interview with Dan Jacobs & Travis Miguel… they tell us the real reason they became guitarists and not astronauts, they talk about how much they love puppies, and some more fun goodies for you!

If you’ve not checked out Atreyu yet, make sure you do at and pick up their latest album, ‘Congregation of The Damned’ out now!

Check out our Atreyu Gallery below:

Make sure you check out Atreyu’s drummer Brandon Saller and his new project, The Black Cloud Collective. The new single ‘Hail Mary’ is out now!

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