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May 20, 2011

Yes, We’ve been busy DevilBears! If you’re considering going to your first Festival this summer, or even if you’re a regular on the circuit we’ve got you covered… take a look at our first online interactive magazine issue!

As you may know, we like to keep you all up to date on the latest tips and tricks on how to make the most of your favourite shows and festivals, this year we went that step further and created a full on magazine.

With the help of contributions from not just you guys, but also our honourary DevilBear Simon, and some supporting stars featuring the fabulous Katie, Vanessa, DeathBatNews and our design support whizz James (he helped make the magazine go swish) we present to you our Pre Festival Pre Magazine.

To access the magazine click this link
(you’ll need to have the latest Flash Player) which can be obtained free from Adobe here.  Get Adobe Flash player

Tip: To turn the pages, either use your arrow keys (left and right) or using your mouse and cursor click the corners of the page, (Look they swish -Cheryl).

Magazine Credits:
Photography: Cheryl Cavanagh (Rockstar Uproar images by Sahsha Coleman)
Articles by: Cheryl Cavanagh, Rebecca Black, Simon Crampton, DeathBatNews
Magazine Design by: Cheryl Cavanagh with James Crofts. (If you have any web-design needs get in touch with the fabulous James here for a quote, tell him the DevilBear sent you).

We hope you enjoy the magazine, and if you’ve got any comments leave them below, or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter! !

We’re hoping to have an even bigger collaboration post festival season to cover what we got up to…

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