Download Festival: The night before

June 9, 2011

Starting the weekend off right, here we are in our hotel room in Derby getting ready for the festivities tomorrow.In usual road trip fashion, we kicked this off with a bout of getting lost in the countryside of Bedfordshire on route to make a pit stop to collect our passes, with then a spot off SATNAV spazzing out and crashing on us – leaving us once again lost and delayed – we finally got it working again and made it up to Derby early evening.

The next challenge was the hunt for Jack Daniels before a fab dinner & cocktails, the last proper meal we’d have unil we returned home to London.

Then a spot of hotel pampering, a DVD and a early night await us… bring on tomorrow!

Tips and Pointers for anyone pre-festival for reference…

– Always have a back-up plan incase your SATNAV breaks – map or phone with GPS.

– The night before the festival (or you if you’re camping) make sure you have a proper cooked meal.

– Get a good night sleep, you’re gonna need the energy!