An Evening With Corey Taylor

July 13, 2011

Last night we spent “An Evening With Corey Taylor” at London’s Relentless Garage for his new book “Seven Deadly Sins”

Here’s a few photo’s we took throughout the evening…


After reading excerpts from his chapter on Envy and a Q&A session Corey then played an acoustic set compiled of requests from the audience, along with a few jingles, a cover of the Scooby Doo theme tune and of course who could forget, a special surprise for Slipknot’s Sid, Spit It Out – yes, acoustic.  (see video below – credit to YouTube uploader SandpaperJimmy.










The book “Seven Deadly Sins” is out now.


To find out more about Corey Taylor’s “Seven Deadly Sins” visit

We’re off to make a cuppa and curl up with a good book… I think we all know what one that will be… go get your copy now!


For more photos check out the slide show below.

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