Sonisphere: Slipknot set Sonisphere on Fire!

July 18, 2011

For a brief moment there was a chance we wouldn’t make it to Sonisphere at all this year.

Our annual visit to Knebworth seemed to hit so many road blocks and bumps along the way, finding every possible scenario and way around the obstacles to make it to see Slipknot, it got to Sunday lunchtime until we could actually utter the words, “Sonisphere here we come!”

Now… we’d like to point out that on this occasion, all of our usual Festival prep rules went out the window, (for how to be more prepared click here), but even with a day so hectic that both of us had spend most of the day driving (before even leaving for the festival), by 4pm we were finally on our way up the motorway with one thing on our minds, Slipknot.

We did make it in time to catch part of Limp Bizkit’s set an the crowd seemed pumped up as the rain stopped eased up a little.

After a Steak sandwich and a ice cold coca-cola we were all set for Slipknot.

When Slipknot hit the stage declaring the night one of celebration with a set so powerfully delivered, full of fire and energy its safe to say, Slipknot are most certainly back!

As the rain continued to pour down on the packed out crowd, it was hard to really notice how truly soaked you were getting as all eyes were on the red jump suited men on the thrashing themselves around the Apollo stage.

More photos here >>

We could go on and on about how great the energy and the set were but instead we figured we’d show you, thanks to YouTube user Baaxxoor, who captured the entire live stream for fans to watch over and over.

Head to this YouTube channel to see the rest of the show >>

Whilst we are sad we missed out on our typical festival activities and weekend fun, we wouldn’t of missed Slipknot for the world.

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