Papa Roach at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire

July 21, 2011

Last weekend Papa Roach played their only two shows of 2011 in the UK, we of course made sure we had tickets to catch them in London.

Love them, or hate them, there’s no denying that Papa Roach give their fans value for money and one hell of a rock show.

Each time we see them live there’s something new to keep you interested, a new quirk, a new story (even if not our own). We often bump into the most interesting of fans who leave us with a smile on our face as they tell us why the band are so important to them.

Papa Roach fans come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages. This fact is definitely apparent when frontman Jacoby Shaddix asks for the house lights on mid-set to see just who he’s singing too.

What gives the band even more brownie points is the fact, I’m yet to see them do the same set-list twice, and they keep their show fresh by switching up their set-lists. Allowing the band to never have to “retire” a song from their live show. With songs spanning across their long-standing career since exploding onto the nu-metal scene with 2000’s “Infest” album.

The set has them flowing effortlessly through their catalogue of memorable hits with from 2000’s “Between Angels and Airwaves” to tracks from their more recently release “Time  For Annihilation” such as “Burn” and “No Matter What”.  Keeping the set-lists changing throughout their tour also allows the newer fans to perhaps discover the older material that got some of us hooked in the first place.

It’s also easy to see that how important their fans are to a band like Papa Roach. Constantly Shaddix is interacting with the fans, from verbally between songs, singing his heart out down at the barrier to complimenting a lady who showed him her boobs or even launching himself head first into the crowd, he keeps them feeling every part of the show as the band are.

When Jacoby announces we won’t be seeing them again for a while, the crowd were soon cheered up by the news of a new album in their future. Then returning for an encore of Dead Cell and Last Resort, the crowd erupt once more, and relentless crowd surfers and circle pits take over the crowded venue in one final climax, leaving no one to question if Papa Roach rocked London tonight…

Papa Roach – Shepherds Bush Empire – 16th July 2011 Setlist

Getting Away With Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Time Is Running Out
Hollywood Whore
No Matter what
To Be Loved
Born with Nothing
The Enemy
Kick In The Teeth
One Track Mind
Blood Bros

Dead Cell
Last Resort

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