Guest DevilBear: April’s Day at Rockstar Uproar Festival – Mansfield!

September 8, 2011

Last month, Rockstar Energy Drink’s Uproar Festival kicked off on the east coast of the US.

DevilBearRock reader and concert goer April Castonguay shares her day at Rockstar Uproar Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts with us!

My Rockstar Uproar in Mansfield, Ma – August 30th 2011.

Whenever Avenged Sevenfold has a show near me, or pretty much anywhere, I do my best to make it to as many as I possibly can, so I was stoked when I saw that there were two Rockstar Uproar dates near me, the furthest being less than 2 hours away.

I always take my little cousin when they play close to home, so we were both extremely excited! In the run up to shows we find ourselves texting each other with a countdown, leaving comments on facebook asking, “Wanna go see a show sometime?”.

When the time finally came, we were ready……..then along came Hurricane Irene. Due to the imminent dangerous wind, along with recent tragedies of stages collapsing at concerts in Europe and here in the US, the show and A7X’s M Shadows made the announcement that the show was postponed until two days later on the Tuesday.

This posed a few problems in terms of my own work schedule and my cousin being due to return to school for the new year. But nothing was going to stop us.  We’re used to getting to concerts extremely early, but with her not getting out of school until 2:15pm, and a 2 hours drive ahead of us, we eventually got there, just pretty late. It was a blessing that a couple of our friends got there early and held our spots :).

We arrived at the venue about an hour before the main stage/pit area opened.  Even though we were towards the front of the line, my cousin and still only got to the second row of the pit, but we were comfortable with that though.

The first Four bands to hit the main stage were all great, but they weren’t who we were there to see. So as the large black curtain was dropped in front of the stage I knew the time was about to come for Avenged to hit the stage/

The lights go off, the curtain drops, and the crowd goes wild. Familiar notes from the beginning of “Nightmare” fill the air, and the magic starts.

No matter how many times I see this band, I am amazed at how much energy and feeling they put into every performance.

They play through crowd favorites of Critical Acclaim, Beast and the Harlot, and Welcome to the Family, as M Shadows introduces the next song, “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1”.

I filmed the performance of the “I Wont See You Tonight – Part One”  (see below).

Up next was Afterlife, another favourite. When M Shadows announced they would be performing a song they have never played live as a familiar intro played in the background, I knew what was coming, and I was ecstatic.

It was of course “Not Ready To Die” which I also filmed (see below).

Up next was one of my all time favorite songs, Scream. I just love the melody and beat to the music. then came my cousin’s favorite, A Little Piece of Heaven, followed by Bat Country, and to close out, Unholy Confessions.

We left the pit area to head to the food and drink vendors and to our surprise, run into Brian Haner Senior, aka Guitar Guy/Papa Gates.  He was great, we took a few photos with him and he even talked to my mom on the phone!

We then left the venue to head around to the tour buses in hope we might be able to say hello to a member of the band, and for my cousin to try and get a photo with Zacky Vengeance, but unfortunately after waiting for a while we decided to make a move to head home, as she had school the next day.

Even though we didn’t get to meet any of the band, it was still an amazing show, and we’d gladly suffer through all the strange sweaty bodies, sore ribs, and body odour all over again.

Actually… we will next Sunday when Uproar heads to Connecticut!  🙂



As always we ask all our fans who submit a story to share their wisdom for their fellow concert goers – here’s April’s “Pit Tips”
1. If you’re set on getting barricade/up front, get there early. VERY early, because there will be other crazy people there before you.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. Flip Flops/Open Toe sandals and Converse style shoes are a no-no.

3.  If your feet start to hurt, try what I call the “flamingo technique”  – it works!
Alternate standing on them one at a time for a little rest.

4. Eat and drink something before the show. If you’re going to spend hours and hours in a crowd of people, you will get tired and dehydrated very quickly, and you don’t want to pass out.

Rockstar Uproar Festival is making its away across the US now, head on over to to catch a date near you.


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