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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 7 – Manchester S

Corey Taylor took to the stage donning a Corey Taylor mask (one of his face) last night in Manchester -at least he wasn’t in a tutu 😉

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 6 – Leeds S

Last night’s show in Leeds saw a beautiful performance of Bother by Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor that moved him to tears.

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 5 – Newcastle S

Here’ s a little love from the Newcastle show, Corey Taylor & Jim Root’s snuggle time!

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 4 – London – Halloween S

We don’t think today’s Stone Sour “Shot A Day” from Stone Sour needs any introduction. So we give you Corey Taylor’s Halloween costume…

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 3 – London S

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the lovely Jim Root before the show at Hammersmith Apollo, so today’s “Shot A Day” for Stone Sour goes again to Jim Root!!

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 2 – Birmingham S

Stone Sour closed out the show at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena after Avenged Sevenfold’s firey performance. The band hand the crowd jumping and dancing, having a ton of fun. We even spied a few members of HellYeah and Mr Mike Portnoy watching from the sides.

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Stone Sour – “Shot A Day” : Day 1 – Manchester S

To go with our special Avenged Sevenfold feature for the lovely DeathBatNews and A7X family we’ll be sharing a “Shot A Day” also from the tour’s co-headliners, Stone Sour.

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