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Gallery Update: Stone Sour – Newcastle – 2nd November 2010 G

We started off the night in Newcastle cold and wet as a torrential downpour hit us!  But it was worth it when we got inside.

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Gallery Update: Stone Sour – London’s Hammersmith Apollo – Halloween (31st Oct) G

Check out these additional shots from Stone Sour’s set on Halloween from both of us .  You can see Cheryl’s shots from the photo pit here.

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Gallery Update: Stone Sour – London Hammersmith Apollo – 30th Oct G

When Stone Sour hit the stage at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday 30th October, we were already on a high that day from our earlier interview with the fab Jim Root (Check out the details here). But either way Stone Sour delivered an amazing performance to the sold out crowd. Check out our latest Gallery …

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Interview with Jim Root – and more Stone Sour shots! I

The first thing you notice about Jim Root is he’s a very tall man, standing at 6 foot 6 inches he definitely doesn’t blend into a crowd easily – but you wouldn’t want him too.  When he walks into the little room for the interview he (without being cheesy) lights it up.  Although we arrived …

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Stone Sour Gallery Update: Halloween S

You asked for more and we heard you, we don’t think this needs any introduction, so here we give it is…. Through the eyes of Cheryl’s lens on Halloween…

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Stone Sour show “Shot A Day” – Day 9 Brighton S

We didn’t take many Stone Sour shots at last night’s show, a combination of lighting and film crew bums in our way…. yes that’s right. Stone Sour filmed a DVD in Brighton (Still not sure why… Brighton of all places…but yay for a DVD!)

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Stone Sour show “Shot A Day” – Day 8 bonus flashback – Halloween S

By popular demand here’s another shot of Corey Taylor and his Tutu!  There are more to come!  Just spent the afternoon editing them and cracking up laughing everytime.

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