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Download Festival: Disturbed D

When Disturbed hit the stage at Download, it was a cold, wet, muddy outlook at Donington Park, but that didn’t matter to the fans slopping about in the mud, slipping and sliding their way to the mainstage.

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Download Festival: Day Two D

At Download our goal was to have fun, and that we definitely did, we took a few photos along the way… here’s our Day 2 Highlights!

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Download Festival: Avenged Sevenfold D

When A7X took the stage it was hard to find a spot in front of the main stage without a DeathBat flag flying proudly; throughout the afternoon, paper flags were being passed out to the crowd, and the fans were making good use of them.

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Download Festival: Sacred Mother Tongue D

Last year Sonisphere, this year Download. Sacred Mother Tongue opened the second stage on Saturday morning at Download with a bang, even with their early time slot, they still had a circle pit full of crazy boys with bags of adrenaline head banging and bashing about.

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Download Festival: Day One D

Highlights and photos from our Day One at Download Festival 2011

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Download Festival: The Dirty Youth D

It’s always good to take time out at a Festival to check out the smaller stages, and that’s what we found when we headed to the Jagermeister Acoustic stage to watch The Dirty Youth…

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Download Festival: The night before D

Starting the weekend off right, here we are in our hotel room in Derby getting ready for the festivities tomorrow.

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