Fans Festivals September 10, 2011 My first rock festival – the diary of an 11 year old rock fans first rock show!

At the end of the July, we took Cheryl’s 11 year old niece to her first ever rock festival to see Slash, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, here’s Jade’s story of her day at High Voltage Festival.

Fans Festivals Tips & Tricks September 8, 2011 Guest DevilBear: April’s Day at Rockstar Uproar Festival – Mansfield!

Last month, Rockstar Energy Drink’s Uproar Festival kicked off on the east coast of the US. DevilBearRock reader and concert goer April Castonguay shares her day at Rockstar Uproar Festival in Mansfield, Massachusetts with us!

Features Festivals Photography August 5, 2011 High Voltage Festival

Check out the updated photo gallery from London’s High Voltage Festival last month.

Festivals Photography Reviews Slipknot July 18, 2011 Sonisphere: Slipknot set Sonisphere on Fire!

For a brief moment there was a chance we wouldn’t make it to Sonisphere at all this year.

Fans Festivals Friends Of the DevilBear Reviews Slipknot July 11, 2011 Guest DevilBear: Kat’s Graspop Metal Meeting adventure…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel to another country for a music festival, Kat tells us all about her adventure to Belgium to see Slipknot headline at Graspop Metal Meeting.

Features Festivals Linkin Park June 30, 2011 Download Festival: Day Three

  At Download our goal was to have fun, and that we definitely did, we took a few photos along the way… here’s our Day 3 Highlights! Day 3 started with a nasty black cloud looming over top of our hotel in Derby, we knew today would be a wet and muddy sort of day… …

Features Festivals Linkin Park Photography Reviews June 29, 2011 Download Festival: Linkin Park

It was cold, it was muddy… thats just how it was on Download Sunday, but still the Linkin Park fans awaiting the headliners of  the night were in good spirits (partly in thanks to the fabulous Mr Steward 836 – if you don’t know google it).

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