General February 24, 2012 DevilBear photography available to purchase!

Did you know our photography is available to purchase now? It was a tough choice in which photograph’s to make available but we’ve selected a range of different artists we’ve featured for you to buy as prints. (Note; Bec has 5 large prints on her bedroom wall from the collection already).

Avenged Sevenfold Features Festivals General Photography June 28, 2011 Download Festival: Day Two

At Download our goal was to have fun, and that we definitely did, we took a few photos along the way… here’s our Day 2 Highlights!

Atreyu Features General January 1, 2011 DevilBearRock’s 2010…

2010 was a pretty busy year in all areas for both of us, we met alot of great fans, bands, and everything in between at shows, festivals… down the pub.  So here’s a quick run through of what we did this past year, incase you missed it!

General August 15, 2010 Sacred Mother Tongue – Sonisphere

Check out this video of our friends Sacred Mother Tongue from their day at Sonisphere Festival!

Atreyu Featured Features Festivals General Photography Reviews Stone Sour Touring & Concerts June 26, 2010 Download Festival – Gallery update

Since Download Festival we’ve been busy, coming back to reality meant finding time to do things. We’ve also got the post Download blues so we sorted through our photo’s to cheer ourselves up a little from the fun we had and the amazing bands who took to the stages. Here’s a few highlights from the …

General Reviews Touring & Concerts February 21, 2010 Dead By Sunrise at the Forum, London

Well that was fun! Met some amazing people on Friday night at London’s HMV Forum, including Ryan Shuck from Dead By Sunrise/Julien-K/Orgy – and both of us agree – hands down, one of the nicest men we’ve ever met! We’ve got some photos and an interview coming soon so stay tuned for that.  However Bec …

Avenged Sevenfold Features Festivals General Photography Touring & Concerts November 6, 2009 Saving it for a rainy day…

… and here’s that rainy day. Everyone needs something to perk them up, and with winter looming we decided it was time after Mr Vengeance himself decided to update the fans with the progress on the new album.  So in celebration of things to come here is the 2nd batch from our A7X Sonisphere Rainy …

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